Flexible Dentures

Flexible Dentures in Toronto

Unlike traditional dentures which are made from metal or acrylic, flexible dentures offer patients a comfortable alternative. They don’t require metal clasps to secure them in place, which is why they’re ideal for patients who don’t have enough bone for dental implants or have irregular-shaped mouths.

Getting flexible dentures in Toronto is a good option to replace those missing teeth.

What are flexible dentures?

Flexible dentures are ideal for someone who’s lost a number of their natural teeth due to an injury, dental infection, or gum disease.

Upon insertion, we use advanced technology to fit the dentures to the shape of your gums and teeth, achieving a natural-looking finish that boosts your oral health and self-esteem.

Our preferred materials are Flexite and Ultraflex – both of which are industry-leading products that are recommended by our dental specialist, Meri Paparisto.

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What are the benefits of getting flexible dentures in Toronto?


When you get flexible partial dentures in Toronto, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • There’s no need for metal clasps or denture adhesive to hold them in place because they cling to your gums
  • They can be manufactured quicker than conventional dentures
  • Your natural gum color shows through the dentures because they are clear
  • They’re easy to maintain

As well as providing you with a renewed smile, when you visit Meri Paparisto for flexible dentures in Toronto, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that she’ll help you look after your remaining natural teeth as well. Offering help and advice on good oral hygiene practices, the team at Twogether Dentures are dedicated to making sure you enjoy your natural smile for many years to come.

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