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“When I talk about ‘Dentures’, it’s not just about working with ‘teeth’. It’s about working with ‘people’. I think that all people are awesome. Today’s denturist carries a huge responsibility to help people live a healthier life. A healthy mouth can enhance your confidence, your social life, and even your lifespan. Pretty important to me, and without a doubt, to you as well. Experience your new normal. Fast. We can do it… Twogether!”

Meri Paparisto opened Twogether Dentures in June 2007, she is in good standing with the Denturist Association of Ontario. In addition to operating the clinic, Paparisto is a clinical and laboratory instructor in the Denturism program at Trillium College.

Denturist Toronto, Danforth Meri Paparisto:
“Healthy mouth, healthy body, healthy life!”

Get personalized and friendly service from our denturist in Toronto when you book an appointment with Meri Paparisto. Twogeher Dentures offers a full range of denture services that are available in-house and house calls. For more information or to book, contact us today.

Big difference…

At Twogether Dentures you realize that it’s not just about your teeth. It’s really about the whole ‘You’. That feels great. Strongly recommended.

• Angie, Twogether Dentures Patient


I was really sick ‘n tired of the judgemental comments of my previous dentist. I had to this and I had to do that. At Twogether Dentures, someone is actually listening. And guess what…? Now I have options.

• Gary, Twogether Dentures Patient


I really like that they’re very careful with the treatment materials they use. Because what’s ‘ok’ for one, might not be good for another. At Twogether Dentures, they always ask before doing anything.

•Jesselynn, Twogether Dentures Patient

Experience your new normal

We can do it… Twogether!

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