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Implant Dentures

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What Are Implant Dentures?

Do you have a loose denture that makes you self-conscious or limits what you can eat? Would you prefer a permanent solution that can improve your ability to talk, smile, and eat?

If that sounds like you, then an implant denture (aka fixed denture) might be just what you're looking for.

At our Toronto denture clinic, We offer a rangle of cost-effective implant denture solutions that are a great alternative to traditional removable dentures.
Photo of a Denture Implant From Twogether Dentures Toronto
Our patient Pieter Tinaj Showing his New Implant Denture

denture implant Benefits vs Traditional Dentures

When compared with traditional dentures, denture implants offer several benefits to patients seeking a more modern and stable solution for permanent tooth loss including:
Assurance - denture implant do not slip or shift in the mouth
Eating - denture implants maximize your bite force enabling you to eat what you love
Oral health - denture implants prevent bone loss unlike traditional dentures
Communication - improved ability to speak more clearly
Appearance - maintain a more youthful appearance
Self esteem - achieve a more confident smile

Denture implant Disadvantages vs Traditional Dentures

While denture implants do provide several benefits when compared to tradtional dentures, there are some disadvantages to consider including:
Surgery - denture implants require a minor and relatively painless surgical phase.
Cost - denture implants are more costly than tradtional dentures however, most denture clinics offer 0% payment plans

How Denture Implants work

Much like the root in your tooth holds your natural teeth in place, denture implants utilize a series of strategically placed titanium posts to anchor your false teeth to your jaw.

The number of anchors required will depend on how many false teeth you’re having fitted and the strength of your jawbone – but there tend to be 4 to 6 posts per jaw for a full set of dentures.

As these posts are secured to your jaw, they provide a stable, durable foundation for your dentures, which is why they’re a long-lasting solution.

Note: To fit these posts, any infected, decayed, or broken teeth will be removed before the implants are inserted. These are left to heal for several months before your new dentures are fitted.

How Long Do Denture Implants Last?

The length of time your fixed dentures last largely depends on the design and how they are maintained over time. With adequate professional and personal care, your fixed dentures can last a lifetime, likely with the need for repair and removal along way. This is to ensure that your dentures are in tact and that they are doing their job of helping make life more enjoyable, comfortable and easy for you.

Increase your fixed dentures lifespan by:

  • Closely following your denturist's specific instructions first and foremost
  • Flossing carefully at least once a day
  • Brushing twice a day as recommended by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA)
  • Using dentist and CDA recommended oral care products
  • Seeing your dentist regularly for check-ups & cleanings
  • Getting adjustments as needed
  • Contacting your dentist if you experience sudden pain and/or start to show signs of infection

Tip: remember that while fixed dentures tend to feel like your real teeth with time, they are not and that they need special care.

At Twogether Dentures, Denturist Meri Paparisto takes a careful and personalized approach to your dentures, striving for comfort, longevity and a boosted self-esteem.

She's here to help support you in discovering denture options to best fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Choosing the right denture solution for you doesn't have to be a "toothache".

Contact us today to learn more about long-term denture solutions such as fixed dentures.

Are traditional permanent dentures cheaper than implants?

Navigating the scope of dentures and dental implants available can be understandably confusing and disorienting. At Twogether Dentures, we want to help clarify these areas to help patients feel more empowered in their research and decision-making processes. 

Permanent dentures are an extensive form of dental implants. Dental implants are available as: 
  • Single implants to replace a broken, damaged or missing tooth
  • An implant supported bridge to fill the gap where multiple adjacent teeth are missing
  • Implant-retained dentures to replace an entire arch of missing teeth 
Within each of these umbrellas of dental implants and implant dentures, there are a variety of specialized options available in terms of: 
  • Shape
  • Function
  • Materials
The cost of dental implants and permanent dentures can vary based on the factors above as well. In most cases, the cost is determined by the: 
  • Type of implants or dentures: Single, bridges, partial, full, etc. 
  • Complexity of each individual case 
  • Properties used to recreate your teeth: Porcelain, acrylic, gold, etc. 
The common thread between most implant options is that a metal post is implanted into the area where the root of a real tooth is missing. And a replacement tooth sits atop this metal post to give you a lush, robust smile. 

Our team is trained to help you select the path that best fits your dental health needs, your desired lifestyle and your budget. For major treatments, we offer payment plans to ensure that funds are less of an obstacle towards achieving the smile you want. 

We want to see you thrive and feel your best with a smile that you're not only proud to show off — but that truly serves you in your every day life. 

Meet Your Denture Specialist

Since 2007, Denture Specialist Meri Paparisto has been crafting dentures for patients in the Toronto area.

With more than 16 years experience, Meri has the hands on expertise and knowledge needed to solve even the most complex patient case.

Now, Meri works alongside her sister Dr. Iliana Paparisto to provide comprehensive oral health care from one convenient location.
Photo of Meri Paparisto

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