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5 Clear Signs your dentures need repair

At our denturist clinic in Danforth and Toronto, we strive to design the most comfortable, secure and functional dentures possible to enhance your quality of life.

The replacement teeth in your dentures can give you the ability to speak with amazing articulation, to smile without fear of judgment, to laugh freely and eat the foods you love without concern.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with all dentures — especially if your dentures are old, fit poorly, have design flaws or are damaged.

It can be easy to adapt to living in discomfort and become accustomed to it being your everyday norm. You may eventually accept that "it is what it is", possibly without even knowing it. 

As denturists and denture repair providers in the Danforth and Toronto area, we're here to remind you that you deserve dentures that compliment your lifestyle, rather than compromise it.

Here are 5 clear signs you likely need denture repair in Danforth or Toronto:

#1. Chipped or cracked dentures

With time, chips and cracks in your dentures can become sharp and irritate or cut the inside of your mouth, potentially leading to infections. 

#2. Struggling to chew

If your dentures slide around when you eat or cause you pain or discomfort when chewing, it's possible that your dentures don't fit your mouth properly anymore. Denture repair in Danforth or Toronto can help fix this.

#3. Irritated gums or mouth sores

Inflammation, redness, swelling and bleeding of your gums or other parts of your mouth from your dentures is not normal. We recommend seeking denture repair and dental treatment as soon as possible.

These symptoms can also be a sign of denture stomatitis, which can become painful and costly to treat when neglected. 

#4. Ongoing bad breath

Without adequate denture hygiene and care, your dentures can hang onto bacteria over time, which can create an unpleasant odour and potentially cause oral infections. 

#5. Facial drooping

Dentures are designed to keep your facial structure looking young and full. If your face starts to look sunken-in, your dentures are likely not doing their job.

And it is likely time for denture repair in Danforth or Toronto — or possibly a new set of dentures made for your specific lifestyle! 

Living in discomfort is not worth it. At our denturist clinic in the Danforth/Toronto, we here to provide zero-judgment, compassionate support in your journey to greater dental health. 

To learn more about accessible denture repair in Danforth and Toronto, contact us today! We're happy to answer any of your questions. 

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