Will My Teeth Look Natural with All on 4® Implants?

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you, and if your dentures do not look natural, then it could leave you feeling insecure and vulnerable. For those in Toronto, dentures can be intimidating. That’s why denturist Meri Paparisto offers natural-looking All on 4® implants as an alternative to traditional dentures in Toronto.

Natural-looking All on 4® Implants

If you aren’t happy with your current dentures, or you are looking for a more permanent solution, then natural-looking All on 4® implants may be the solution for you.

All on 4® dental implants are an excellent solution for those who have been put off by how time-consuming other implant dentures in Toronto can be. Many denturists who offer traditional implant dentures require they be done over a given period of time. Here at Twogether Dentures, denturist Meri Paparisto and her sister, Dr. Iliana Paparisto, understand that your time is valuable.

With All on 4® dental implants, you can get a full set of stunning, implant-retained dentures in a single day.

How do All on 4® Dentures in Toronto Work?

The key to a perfect smile with All on 4® dental implants in Toronto is having a denturist and implant dentist work side-by-side. While the denturist helps discuss your options and get you to the right solution for you, the implant dentist is responsible for performing the actual procedure.

At Twogether Dentures, Denturist Meri Paparisto will work with you to help choose the right denture solution for you and help fabricate your new dentures once your implant procedure is complete. Dr. Iliana Paparisto is the dentist that will handle the actual surgical procedure.

Dr. Iliana will place four implants in your upper or lower jawbone (or both depending on your particular case). Once the implants are in place, Dr. Iliana will take an impression that Denturist Meri will use to fabricate your new set of secure-fitting dentures.

The end results — a completely new smile in a single visit.

Looking for Alternatives to Dentures in Toronto? Twogether Dentures Can Help

If natural-looking All on 4® implants seem like a good solution for your denture needs, then you’ll want to schedule a consultation with denturist Meri Paparisto. She’ll talk to you about the All on 4® implants and walk you through what a typical procedure consists of.

If you’d like to learn more about natural-looking All on 4® implants, then contact us today to book your consultation.

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