Permanent dentures sound like it’s one procedure and you’re set for life – which is misleading.

Permanent dentures do last a long time, but occasionally, dentures need to be adjusted through a process called a reline. 

Make sure you find a denturist in Toronto that can do this properly. 

Why Do Dentures Need to be Relined?

Once they are made to fit your mouth, why would you ever need them to be adjusted again?

Dentures need to be relined because your mouth can change shape and dentures won’t change with it. Unlike natural teeth, dentures won’t change unless they’re damaged. 

Dentures are supposed to fit firmly without any pain. If you notice the fit is looser, then it’s time for a realignment. 

Due to dentures’ unrelenting nature, they can cause problems when they aren’t adjusted. If they no longer fit properly, it can lead to

  • Trouble Chewing
  • Discomfort
  • Sores
  • Your Face Looking Different
  • Gum Irritation
  • Changes in Speech

When it’s Time for a Replacement

If you get quality dentures from the beginning, it’s likely you won’t need to replace them unless an accident happens. 

Maybe a tooth breaks off because you drop your denture or without meaning to, put too much pressure on them. 

Do not try to glue the tooth yourself. Please see a professional. 

Something that may be less obvious is if there are any chips or cracks. While they don’t bother how the denture works, it can create sharp points that can cut you. 

It’s an easy fix if you go to a denturist in Toronto before it gets too bad. 

If you got a bad set of dentures in Toronto, they might not have been made to fit your mouth properly, and you will probably have to start from scratch. 

Maybe it’s Time for a New Denturist in Toronto

Are you looking for some new dentures in Toronto? 

Are you unsure that your dentures fit correctly?

Is it time to try a new dental practice?

Denturist Meri Paparisto has an in-house dentist, which also happens to be her sister, Dr. Iliana Paparisto. She is trained in oral surgery procedures like dental implants. 

You won’t have to go from dentist to dentist because they have everything you need in their office. You will save time and stress by getting it all done by one person. Feel free to call us at 416-462-1211 or use our Make an Appointment page for inquiries and support.

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