Oh no! Your dentures broke. What are you going to do?

Even though today’s dentures are quite sturdy and designed to last a long time, it isn’t uncommon for them to end up damaged or broken.

Many people facing this issue attempt to fix their broken dentures with super glue. They figure that it is a cheaper, faster way to fix their dentures rather than visiting a Toronto denturist.

But is this the best denture repair option? It certainly isn’t.

Denture Repair: Why Stronger-than-Ever Dentures Sometimes Require It

Even the best-made dentures will eventually require repairs. Nothing lasts forever, and with regular wear and tear, even the strongest materials break down.

Other reasons why dentures end up cracking or breaking include:

  • Dropping the dentures
  • Eating hard, crunchy foods
  • Excessive pressure put on the dentures
  • Changes in the mouth.

Dentures are made out of a combination of plastic and metal. The acrylic or nylon resin can crack, warp, and break if there’s too much chewing pressure and extreme shifts in temperature.

Additionally, dentures won’t fit as well if your mouth changes. Over time, jaw bone becomes smaller and less dense as the bone needs the roots of teeth or implants to stay strong and fully formed. Once the teeth are gone, the bone slowly resorbs. This can lead to a change in the fit of your denture, as well as changes in your overall facial structure.

Super Glue: Why This Is a Bad Idea for Toronto Dentures Patients

Super glue is like a miracle adhesive. It can bond just about anything. It’s no wonder that many people consider it an ideal option for home denture repair.

But this isn’t the case. Super glue can actually do more harm than good. How so?

Firstly, the chemical makeup of the glue contains some toxic substances, including acetic and formaldehyde. These substances can leave a bad taste in your mouth, changing the flavour of food. Some people can even have allergic reactions to super glue.

Moreover, some of those chemicals cause skin irritation (or an exothermic reaction can occur) and harm the very delicate tissues of the mouth, leading to sores. It goes without saying that wearing dentures when you have a mouth sore is extremely uncomfortable. At times, these sores can get infected too.

Another reason to forego gluing your dentures involves your saliva. Super glue is water-soluble and can start to break down in a damp environment. Eventually, the glue won’t hold the denture together any longer. It’s best to get the denture fixed right the first time by a Toronto dentures repair provider.

The possible inability of a patient to put the dentures back together properly is another reason why a Toronto denturist doesn’t recommend super gluing.  

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting the occlusion (bite) and fit of a denture just right. Putting the denture back together improperly can lead to an uncomfortable fit and make it more difficult for your denturist to reline/repair it down the road.

3 Steps to Take Right Away If Your Dentures Break

So what are some steps to take if a denture does end up breaking?

1. Handle the Dentures with Care

To avoid further damage, handle the dentures carefully. Don’t wear them until they’ve been repaired. Dry them and store them in a safe place until you can take them to a denturist.

2. See Your Toronto Denturist Right Away

Call your denturist right away. You might be able to get in sooner than you think. And some denturists can come directly to you!

3. Avoid the Temptation to Try Home Remedies

It will be tempting, but don’t attempt a denture repair at home. In the end, it can do more harm than good.

denture repair

Proper Care and Repair of Your Dentures Will Help Them Last Longer

Dentures are a hefty investment, especially if you’re living on a fixed income. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to give your dentures a longer life.

One way to do this is with prevention. Be careful with the types of foods you eat and handle your dentures with care.

Another way to ensure that your dentures last longer is by investing in Toronto dentures services from a professional denturist. Don’t try to fix your dentures at home. Instead, allow someone who has years of training and experience to do it.

Taking these steps will help your dentures last for years, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Are your dentures not fitting the way they used to? Contact our office for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your needs and find the best solution to make your dentures more comfortable than ever.

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