There’s no shame in needing dental implants. Tooth loss is more common than you probably think. 

The important thing is to fill in any gaps your mouth as soon as you can to prevent any shifting or bone and gum decline. 

What are Dental Implants

Dental implants keep your dentures in place. They replace the roots that your natural teeth have. It’s the difference between having a secure denture and one that moves around. 

What Problems Can They Fix?

Denture implants will make your smile better, help improve your speech and make it easier to chew food.

Most importantly, they will keep your jaw from disappearing, causing shifts in your face structure. 

Having implants also solves problems that loose dentures can cause, like pain and infections, from rubbing up against your mouth. 

Who is Qualified to Get Them?

There are a few factors that make a successful dental implants procedure. The main one being that you have to be willing to take care of them. There’s no point in going through all this if you are only going to let it break. 

implant dentures

Good Bone Support

Your bone is what’s going to keep the implants in place. If your bones are fragile, then the implants could cause more damage than good. 

Sometimes bone grafts or mini implants are used for people who have weaker bones. 

Being Healthy

Getting implants is technically a surgical procedure, so your body has to be able to handle that. Also, anything that can affect your oral health, like diabetes, heavy drinking, or smoking, usually cause problems. 

These factors can affect your healing process. 

Healthy Gums

Gums support the implant while it fuses to your bone. If your gums aren’t healthy, imagine supporting walls falling. 

If you have any gum disease, then you may end up with implant failure. 

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