Though they don’t always cause pain, denture emergencies can be just as distressing as dental emergencies. 

Professional emergency denture repair from our Toronto denture clinic will provide you with quality, long-term solutions to your denture issues. 

Emergency Denture Repair: How Your Toronto Denturist Handles Repairs

Here are some of the most common denture emergencies and reasons you shouldn’t try to fix the problem yourself. 

Broken or Missing Tooth

When a tooth breaks or falls out, some people try to repair it with superglue

Unfortunately, superglue can do more harm than good. 

  • It’s not a temporary fix: Superglue is permanent, making future repairs difficult or impossible. 
  • It can cause damage: The chemicals in superglue can cause tissue irritation or an allergic reaction.

Why Choose Twogether Dentures: Denture repairs like this can often be completed within three hours.

Broken Denture

Superglue is a common fix for broken dentures. Again, this is not a good option. 

Why Choose Twogether Dental: Besides quickly completing your emergency dental repair, Meri Paparisto will complete a reline if necessary.

Denture Causing a Sore Spot

Some people have tried to fix “high spots” with a nail file. Because you don’t have the tools for a proper adjustment, you can end up with even more fit issues. 

Why Choose Twogether Dentures: Denturist Meri Paparisto can provide a same-day soft or hard reline

Why Choose Twogether Dentures for All Your Dental Needs?

Twogether Dentures is part of a full-service dental office, Danforth’s Twogether Dental. Meri Paparisto works with Dr. Iliana Paparisto to take care of your overall health and create solutions for patients with missing teeth, like dental implants and implant-supported dentures. Other benefits: 

  • Save time and money since everything is taken care of in one place
  • If your denturist notices soft-tissue abnormalities, you get to see a Toronto dentist right away

Mobile Emergency Denture Repair in Toronto

You don’t have to let being homebound or unable to find a ride get in the way of receiving emergency denture repair. Simply contact Twogether Dentures mobile denture clinic. The team can deliver your repaired dentures right to your door. 

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