Do your dentures hurt? Do you wonder why you must deal with this type of discomfort?

If so, you’re not alone. Many people with dentures in Toronto have questions about the pain they’re experiencing.

Today, you’ll learn why temporary discomfort is normal, when it’s time to see your denturist, and what treatment options are available to reduce the pain you experience as a denture patient. 

 “My Dentures Hurt! Why Is This Happening?” Common Questions About Denture Pain

People who end up in dentures have had their fair share of dental pain. Toothaches caused by gum disease, deep decay, and infections can be excruciating. It’s no wonder, then, that patients don’t expect to experience that much pain once they’ve healed from their extractions. 

Unfortunately, some denture patients experience a lot of discomfort when wearing dentures. Here are some common questions regarding why dentures hurt. 

Is Swelling and Pain Normal After Dentures Are Placed?

Yes, pain and swelling are normal when dentures are first placed. The reason is two-fold. 

First, the gums are sore because they’re still healing from the extractions. 

Second, your oral tissue is very delicate. Wearing something on top of it will take some getting used to, and in the meantime, there will be some discomfort and possible sore spots. 

Why Do You Have Pain When You’ve Had Your Dentures for a While?

Eventually, the initial discomfort will wear off and your oral tissues will be used to wearing the dentures. 

Over time, though, sore spots can develop, typically because the dentures don’t fit as well as they used to. As time progresses, your jawbones will shrink (resorption), which means your dentures won’t fit as tight. When this happens, the dentures slip as you talk and eat, and that can lead to sore spots. 

Why Aren’t You Getting the Relief You Expect from a Denture Reline?

Sometimes, when dentures hurt, a reline will solve the problem. A hard or soft reline helps the denture fit snugly against your gingiva. No more slipping and no more sores!

However, a denture reline doesn’t always work, mainly due to significant jawbone resorption. New dentures might be indicated. 

All-on-4 Toronto Implant Dentures: Why They’re Such a Great Option 

If your dentures hurt and you’re ready for a new set, you might want to consider implant dentures, particularly the All-on-4 Toronto implant system

Implant-retained dentures will benefit you in multiple ways. 

First, you’ll have little-to-no pain caused by ill-fitting dentures. Once you heal from the implant surgery, you shouldn’t experience any more discomfort. The dentures click onto the implants, which means they sit on top of the implants – not on top of your tender gingiva. 

Second, implants keep your jawbones healthy, dense, and strong. Without the roots of natural teeth or the implants of the All-on 4 Toronto denture system, the bone has nothing to anchor to, which leads to resorption and shrinkage.

With All-on-4 Toronto implant dentures, you get: 

  • Same-day dentures
  • Dentures that are secure and stable
  • Dentures that make it easier to chew and taste your food. 

See Your Denturist as Soon as Your Dentures Start Causing Discomfort 

While some discomfort is normal, particularly after you’ve just had dentures placed, chronic pain from dentures is not. When your dentures hurt, it could be a sign of an ill-fitting denture, an infection, or even oral cancer

Denture pain is not something you should just try to bear. Talk to your denturist about your symptoms and whether you’re a good candidate for All-on-4 Toronto implant dentures. Getting better fitting Toronto dentures could make all the difference in the world.  

Are you ready to toss your ill-fitting dentures once and for all? Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll answer all your questions about the All-on-4 denture system and why it just might be the best solution for your denture needs. 

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