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Denture Repair Toronto

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Fast and affordable denture repair Toronto: Our same day, 1 hour denture repairs start from $150. Walk-ins and emergencies welcome. Open evenings and weekends!

Same-Day Denture Repairs
Starting From $150
Walk-ins Welcome
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denture repair toronto
Our Denture Repairs Start From $150

Toronto's Top Choice For Denture Repair

Repairing Dentures Since 2007

At Twogether Dentures, we know how disruptive a damaged denture can be. If your denture has been causing you discomfort call us. Our same-day denture repair service can fix most denture within an hour.

Whether your denture is cracked, split or loose, we'll repair it quickly and affordably using high-quality materials to ensure durability.
Lost or Broken Tooth
Cracked Denture
Split Denture
Loose Dentures

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3 Signs your Denture Needs Repair

Not sure you need a repair or not? No problem. Here are a few signs you need or will soon need a denture repair:

  1. When you feel an occasional pinching on your tongue
  2. When you have soreness around your gums
  3. When your denture shifts around more than usual
Denture Repair Clinic Toronto

Why Do Dentures Break?

5 Common reasons dentures break

Dentures are generally quite durable and with proper maintenance, they can last for many years. But over-time, your denture can become loose or begin to crack due to daily use or if they've recently been dropped. To keep your dentures lasting as long as possible, here's the 5 common reasons a denture will break:

  1. Natural wear and tear
  2. Eating very hard or chewy foods requiring a lot of bite force
  3. Acidic foods
  4. The quality of the materials used in the denture
  5. Using strong chemicals to clean the denture

Damaged Denture?

Here's what You Should Do Next

First, don't worry. We've repaired hundreds of dentures over the past 16 years. The fact is, most dentures can be repaired in a couple of hours.

If your denture is cracked, split or a little bit too loose, then the next best step is to book a same-day denture repair at our 288 Danforth Avenue clinic. To make your repair as quick as possible, here are a couple things you can do:

  1. Remove the denture carefully
  2. Collect all the broken pieces (if possible)
  3. Avoid the use of glues or adhesives that could damage the denture or affect your health

Denture Maintenance Tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Dentures Clean and Strong

Want to prolong the life of your dentures? Here's five things you can do to make sure your denture fits well, stays clean and remains durable:

  1. Use a soft-bristled brush on your denture
  2. Clean your denture on a daily basis
  3. Avoid harsh toothpastes (whitening toothpastes)
  4. Remove your denture while sleeping
  5. Soak your dentures regularly
Photo of a Patient With Complete Dentures
Patient Denise D of Toronto

Denture Repair Toronto

3 Reasons You'll Love Our Denture Clinic
Photo of Twogether Dentures Owner Meri Paparisto
Toronto Denturist Meri Paparisto

Reason 1: Our Experience

Denture Repairs Since 2007

Owner Meri Paparisto has more than 16 years experience fixing dentures. If your denture is broken, cracked or in need of a reline, call Meri. Learn more about Twogether Dentures here. Read what our patients have to say about us on Google reviews!

If you live close to East York, Riverdale, Cabbagetown and the Danforth, Meri's denture repair is the best choice for a fast and reliable repair.

Reason 2: Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Twogether Dentures, every treatment and repair we do is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if something about your Denture Repair isn't right, we'll make it right, free-of-charge. That's our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our promise to you.

Reason 3: Straightforward Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Nobody likes a hidden fee on their bill and that's why we've always practiced transparent pricing. 

At Twogether Dentures, every service we offer includes clear upfront pricing from the start. That means that before any work begins, we'll provide you with a detailed breakdown of everything we're doing and how much it costs.

Our commitment to transparency is a cornerstone of our business philosophy, ensuring that every client receives fair treatment and understands exactly what services they are receiving and at what cost.

Denture Repair Toronto FAQs

Denture repair can extend the lifespan of your dentures and ensure they function properly.
Common signs include cracks, chips, loose or ill-fitting dentures, and any changes in appearance or functionality. If you experience discomfort or notice any damage, it's advisable to seek professional repair.
Common signs include cracks, chips, loose or ill-fitting dentures, and any changes in appearance or functionality. If you experience discomfort or notice any damage, it's advisable to seek professional repair.
The time required for denture repair can vary based on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs may be completed on the same day, while more complex issues may take a few days. Our goal is to provide timely and efficient service.
It is advisable to schedule an appointment for denture repair services. This allows us to assess the damage and plan the necessary repairs. However, emergency repairs may be accommodated without an appointment.
Our denture repair service can address a variety of issues, including cracks, fractures, broken or missing teeth, and issues related to fit and comfort.
The cost of denture repair depends on the nature and extent of the damage. We provide transparent pricing and will discuss the repair options and associated costs before proceeding with any work.
Our skilled technicians are experienced in repairing various types of dentures, including full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. We strive to restore your dentures to their original condition.
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Denture Repairs Toronto

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