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Denture Relines in Toronto

Even though your dentures may fit just fine the first time you have them on, general wear and tear, coupled with changes in your gum tissue will affect how it fits over time.

This means your denture may start to move around more freely, slipping when you speak, talk, and eat. When this happens, it’s time to keep the denture functional and secure with dental relines in Toronto.

What Does Relining Dentures Involve?


Denture relines refit your existing false teeth, so they fit well again. This involves adding new material to the tissue base of the denture and can be a hard or soft denture reline.

A soft denture reline uses a pliable material that lasts for up to a couple of years. It’s ideal for people who suffer from sore spots or tender gums as it’s less likely to cause further irritation.

In contrast, people with healthy gums and good oral health may benefit from a hard denture reline, which uses a more rigid base.



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Do You Need Denture Relines in Toronto?


People who are most likely to benefit from denture relines in Toronto are those who have:

  • Stabilization problems with their dentures
  • Ill-fitting dentures
  • Difficulty chewing or eating with their current dentures
  • Pain or swelling of their gums because of poorly-fitting dentures
  • No desire to get new dentures

By relining dentures, Meri Paparisto can help preserve your dentures for up to two years while keeping their natural-looking appearance. And with regular checkups, she’ll continue to adapt your dentures to the ongoing changes of your gums.

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