Denture Implants

Dental Implants in Toronto

Are you frustrated with the inconvenience of wearing dentures? Want to have the confidence to smile, talk, and chew food like you used to be able to?

Then it could be time for you to seek denture implants in Toronto.  

 Types of Denture Implants in Toronto



 Permanent Teeth in a Day: Compared to traditional implants, this process is much quicker and involves placing four implants in each jaw to secure your dentures in place. Once the dentures are put in position, you can start chewing, talking, and smiling with confidence – the very same day!




 Bar-Retained Dentures: Here, two to five implants are used and a bar connects these, curving to the shape of your jaw. The denture is then fitted to the bar using clips and effortlessly blends in with your mouth to provide a natural-looking finish that’s secure and offers you plenty of bite force.




Ball-Retained Dentures: The name of these dentures comes from the ball-shaped design of the implant’s attachments, which are known as “male” attachments. These fit into “female” attachments, which are sockets located on the denture. You might also hear these ones being referred to as “stud-attachment dentures,” as they almost resemble the studs you get on your clothes.

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Why Get Toronto Denture Implants?

Denture implants boast a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Looking and feeling natural
  • Stimulating bone growth (because your body thinks the implants are the roots of “real” teeth)
  • Eliminating sore spots from where dentures have rubbed
  • Getting rid of the movement and embarrassment of traditional dentures
  • Improving your chewing, which, in turn, improves your digestion
  • Long-lasting results that give you added confidence

As you can see, getting dental implants at Twogether Dental is almost like having natural teeth again. Not only is your smile restored but those day-to-day activities, like eating, chewing, and talking, become natural and easy to do once again.

Here at Twogether Dental, we believe your teeth are at the heart of your overall health. This means that, by opting for dental implants, you’re investing in your oral health as well as your general well-being.

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