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Complete dentures (also known as full dentures) replace an entire row of your teeth. Therefore, you may only need one set, or you may need upper and lower dentures to replace all of your teeth.

Here at Twogether Dentures, we understand that losing your natural teeth can affect your day-to-day life and your self-esteem. That’s why we offer high-quality complete dentures in Toronto – to restore your confidence, appearance, and smile.

Dentures Before and After

This patient had a full denture transformation. How stunning and comfortable she looks with her new bite!

What are the different types of complete dentures?

  • Conventional Dentures – This involves having all of your natural teeth removed at least eight weeks before the denture is fitted. And while this is an incredibly accurate procedure, it does mean you’re without your teeth for 8 weeks if you haven’t had dentures before, which is why many now opt for the following type.
  • Immediate Dentures – Instead of extracting all of your teeth at once, only the teeth behind your canines are removed so you can continue to talk, smile, and laugh as you normally would. Eight weeks later, the rest of your teeth are removed and your denture is fitted at the same time.
  • Over-Dentures – These provide added stability when fitted over existing dental implants or natural teeth, offering an immediate solution if you don’t want all of your teeth removing.

What are the benefits of getting complete dentures in our denture clinic?

Complete dentures come with a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Quick treatment time, from your initial consultation through to fitting
  • An improved smile
  • A cost-effective treatment when an entire row of teeth need replacing
  • Restoration of your natural facial contours  

Aside from the confidence and improved appearance that complete dentures in Toronto offer, we’ll also provide ongoing care that helps promote good oral health and general well-being.

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